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About our school

Alytus Jotvingiai Gymnasium is one of the biggest schools in Alytus City. It provides secondary education of high academic standards to 14-19 year-old pupils bringing up them in accordance with the democratic principles of citizenship and the EU strategies for youth. There are 701 student this school year.

Our school is equipped with new modern technologies, the Internet access in order to meet the needs of the students as well as help to develop their key competences they could be better prepared for a future life in multicultural and highly progressing world.

Our students elect representatives to Form-Leaders Council, President as well as 3 members to Gymnasium Council. Form-Leaders Council together with the President organise main school events, also take part in Alytus City Students` Council events, national and international projects.

Our school has set students` professional career development and planning as a priority objective for the 3 coming years. We have established a key career staff team which includes a team of students, too.

Our school seeks to strengthen the local, national and European partnerships not only related to education but also business and social partnerships. Our staff and students are highly motivated to take part in international projects as they are creative and professional in many areas.

We are preparing Millennium generation to become the true citizens as well as skilled and creative workforce of united Europe being educated, enterprised and career oriented.









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